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Demonstrators after Women's March January 21, 2017

Four people embrace the spirit of women’s rights on a rainy day with signs at the end of the first Women’s March, January 21, 2017.

Most of my paintings come from the heart, but none so much as one of my newest, “After the March.” My husband and I participated in the January 21 Women’s March and were so uplifted by the spirit and strength of entire families marching and supporting women’s health rights, peace, and kindness that I just had to paint a picture of it. People all over the world, even in Antarctica, braved all kinds of weather to make their voices heard. 

I got back to the studio the day after the march, set up my canvas, and the paint virtually flew from my brush to the surface. You will notice a different, looser style than most of my paintings. The reflections in the wet city street simply happened. The four people were not from the march specifically. They are archetypes of the demonstrators, pulling together for important causes, arms around each other, holding their signs and returning triumphantly after such a massive and peaceful turnout that the world simply had to take notice.

I think art has a very important place in documenting the mood of a specific time and society. Some of the political cartoons we see everyday are masterworks in their own right and I admire the abilities of cartoonists to capture a face, a setting, a statement and turn it into a work of art. Google political cartoons and you’ll see for yourself the wide variety of styles used to make political statements. Here’s one example:

These are difficult times and we all respond in different ways.  Mine happens to be painting.  I hope you like it.

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