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Fall Comes to the Sonoma Valley

Oil painting of Sonoma Vineyard by Pat Meier-Johnson

Bartholomew Park Vineyard – Oil Painting by Pat Meier-Johnson

It’s that time of year. The vineyards in Sonoma have given up their grapes and are turning to yellow, gold and red. In a couple of weeks the leaves will have fallen and hopefully we will have some substantial rain for the first time since we moved up here five years ago. Bartholomew Park is one of the hidden gems here in Sonoma and it’s less than a seven-minute drive from the town plaza. The wines they make here are single-vineyard and organic. The attitude is low key and friendly. That’s what I love about this valley – no hard sell.

If you come here be sure to pack a lunch and your walking shoes. The area behind Bartholomew Park is filled with trails that take you up and down hills, over old steps, down into little valleys past a secret pond and finally back to the winery. Or there are shorter ambles as well.  It’s great anytime except for when it rains. My personal favorites are summer and fall when the vineyards are lush.

I painted this 8 x 10 landscape with another plein air painter friend of mine. She and I set up our easels facing south so in this painting you can see the light coming up from the left, lifting a bit of the morning fog and catching a few of the grapevine’s leaves scattered on the ground.

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