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Wingo – Almost a Ghost Town

Oil Painting of Wingo in the Sonoma Wine Country

Wingo – Oil Painting by Pat Meier-Johnson
14 x 20 on canvas

They call it Wingo.  (Cue the spaghetti western music theme.)  There was a time that ships stopped here to deliver goods to the historic town of Sonoma in the northern California Wine Country in the mid-1800’s. Passenger boats dropped off visitors, farmers loaded boats with crops, there was even a railroad. But little Wingo at the north end of San Francisco Bay faded away and today the marshlands around it are protected, known as the Napa-Sonoma Marshes Wildlife Area, which is overseen by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

A few people still live here and the access is seasonal. There’s birdlife and the beautiful golden colors in the fall. My husband Russ and I hiked out here one afternoon to capture pictures of these ramshackle buildings, and whispering rushes at the water’s edge. We were careful not to bother the tiptoeing waterbirds that picked their way here and there, poking between the reeds to find an errant appetizer.

If you come visit, the entry is past the Larson Family Winery.  It’s a peaceful and unspoiled step into Sonoma history. Find out more about Wingo here.

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